Meeting at 6:30 pm ’til 7:45 Wednesday nights, except for the 1st Wednesday of each month.

What does the Bible say about…

  1. 9/15 – Truth? Is there absolute truth? Can we trust what the Bible says? How do I know what is true?
  2. 9/22 – The Bible? How did get the Bible as we have it today? Is it still relevant?
  3. 9/29 – World religions? Does it matter what I believe? Don’t all faiths lead to the same place?
  4. 10/13 – The end of the world? Are we living in the end times?
  5. 10/20 – Heaven and hell? Are heaven and hell real and what are they like?
  6. 10/27 – Angels and demons? Are they real and impacting my life?
  7. 11/10 – Forgiveness? If I can’t forgive myself or others, how can God forgive me? Is there an unforgivable sin?
  8. 11/17 – Fear and anxiety? How can I deal with my concerns in a healthy way?
  9. 12/8 – Jesus Christ? Is He really the Son of God? Did the virgin birth really happen?
  10. 12/15 – Jesus Christ? Is Jesus more than just a great teacher? Why does it matter to me today?