Saturday, September 25, 2021

God’s Word is clear; we know love in the form of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sin. This is the greatest and purest expression of love the world has and will ever know. For those in Christ, God’s love is what unites us with one another. However, our expression of God’s love begins among the body and overflows to those around us. It isn’t enough for those loved by God in Christ to simply speak of God’s amazing love. We are all called to put it in action for both the saved and unsaved. One of the primary ways of doing this is through meeting the needs of our neighbors.

The Outreach Team is organizing a Love in Deed project for Sept 25, 2021. Do you have un-churched family, friends, co-workers or neighbors who could use a helping hand?  Suggest that you and a couple of friends would be happy to help them with their yard work, power washing, painting or light carpentry. Sign up as a volunteer and also submit their project below.  More volunteers will be added to create a small team. If the project is more complex and you’re uncertain if it will require a lot of people or a specific skill set, tell your friend that you’ll check into it and get back to them. Call the church office with your question and they can contact the outreach team to see if we’re able to fulfill that need. We’re excited to see how Love in Deed as an outreach could become Love in Deed as a lifestyle for our Church. Wear work clothes and bring your joy and enthusiasm to serve!  Teens, and children with a parent are encouraged to participate!

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