​The gospel of Luke begins with a statement about the nature of the gospel and the purpose.  Luke writes that in the midst of all the stories and narratives that are being shared about Jesus, he knew that a well-researched testimony of the birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was necessary.  Therefore, he interviewed eyewitnesses, including Peter and the other apostles.  He talked with Mary the mother of Jesus.  He traveled with Paul and learned from him.  Luke was not Jewish, so he wrote to Gentiles from a Gentile perspective, and he specifically writes to a man named Theophilus.  In 1:4, he states his purpose in writing this book, “that you may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed.”  As we study this testimony of Jesus, let us rejoice in knowing the certainty of these things for our good and for God’s glory.

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June 19 – Luke 1:1-4, “That You May Know”
June 26 – Luke 1:5-56, “Birth Announcements”
July 3 – Luke 1:57-80, “He Shall be Called John”
July 10 – Luke 2:1-40, “The Birth of Our Savior”
July 17 – Luke 2:41-52, “My Father’s House”
July 24 – Luke 3:1-22, “The Voice Crying in the Wilderness”
July 31 – Luke 3:23-38, “The Son of David, Abraham, and Adam”
Aug. 7 – Luke 4:1-13, “Tested and Victorious”
Aug. 14 – Luke 4:14-30, “Rejected by His Hometown”
Aug. 21 – Luke 4:31-44, “Power and Preaching”
Aug. 28 – Luke 5:1-11, “They Followed Jesus”
Sept. 4 – Luke 5:12-26, “Your Sins are Forgiven”
Sept. 11 – Luke 5:27-6:11, “What Makes Us Whole?”
Sept. 18 – Luke 6:12-16, “He Chooses Twelve”
Sept. 25 – Luke 6:17-26, “The Beatitudes”
Oct. 2 – Luke 6:27-36, “Counter-cultural Love”
Oct. 9 – Luke 6:37-49, “A Life Established on Christ”
Oct. 16 – Luke 7:1-10, “The Centurion’s Faith”
Oct. 23 – Luke 7:11-35, “Are You the One?”
Oct. 30 – Luke 7:36-50, “The Woman and the Alabaster Jar”


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