Matthew is writing primarily to the Jewish people to demonstrate that Jesus is the Messiah, the fulfillment of the Law and the OT prophets.  Matthews’s gospel begins with the birth and childhood of Jesus Christ in chapters 1 & 2.  Chapter 3 turns to the preparation for Jesus through the ministry of John the Baptist and the baptism of Jesus, which is followed in Chapter for by the temptation of Jesus, the calling of his first disciples and the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.  In chapters 5-7, Matthew records for us a sermon that Jesus preached early in his ministry, and the first part of that sermon are statements called The Beatitudes.  Each of these eight statements begins with the words “Blessed are…”  Some have translated this word “blessed” as “happy”, yet this doesn’t capture the depth of the joy and blessedness and true happiness that goes beyond our present circumstances or moods.  This blessedness is an eternal condition that is only found in Christ.  In one sense, these statements are all related to our saving faith in Christ, but that are also character qualities that should be increasingly evident in followers of Christ.  This sermon series will consider each of the Beatitudes to see how each character quality leads to saving faith and to a deepening walk with Christ, which leads us to true blessedness and strengthens the church, the body of Christ.

Apr. 25 – Matthew 5:3, “Pursuing Poverty” 
May 2 – Matthew 5:4, “Being Broken” 
May 9 – Matthew 5:5, “Submit to God”
May 16 – Matthew 5:6, “Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness”
May 23 – Matthew 5:7, “Show Mercy”
May 30 – Matthew 5:8, “Be Pure of Heart”
June 6 – Matthew 5:9, “Be a Peacemaker” 
June 20 – Matthew 5:10-12, “Live for the Lord”