About Our Church

We look forward to watching God’s hand at work among the congregation here in Harleysville. All for the Glory of God!

Welcome to Faith Bible Fellowship Church!

We are excited that have joined us here online and would love to have you visit with us on a Sunday morning.  We recognize that visiting a new church for the first time can be overwhelming, so we’d like to make it easier for you. Below we’ve told you a bit more about our church and answered some questions that you might ask. If we missed some of your questions, please contact us!

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

The purpose of FBFC is to bring glory to God through our worship of Him, by equipping the saints for the work of ministry, building up the body of Christ in love, and evangelizing our world.

Our Core Values

WORD – Teaching & Preaching; Scripture/Bible Knowledge

The Holy Scriptures are the inspired, infallible Word of God; the supreme and final authority of our faith and conduct. Therefore, the Word of God will be a foundational element to all of our ministry endeavors, and we will seek to be obedient to the Word of God both in our relationships with fellow believers and those outside the church. (2 Tim. 3:16-17)


Worship is giving God the praise, adoration, glory, reverence, and honor He alone is worthy to receive. God’s people are to live a life of worship that recognizes who God is and what He has done. Therefore, we will gather regularly for corporate worship, and encourage God’s people to worship Him as a family and individuals. (John 4:23-24; Romans 12:1-2)


We believe prayer is essential to a vital relationship with God. Prayer demonstrates our dependence upon God and not ourselves and is also a primary way we minister in love to each other. Therefore, we will incorporate prayer into each ministry of the church. (Phil. 4:6-7; Col. 4:2)

FELLOWSHIP – Community & Encouragement

The world will know that we are His disciples by how we love one another.  Therefore we will encourage each attender to be involved in a small group or ministry that will enable them to share in the encouraging and strengthening of the body, actively promoting fellowship among our people. (John 13:34-35)

MISSIONS – Evangelism

Jesus’ commission to the church was to go and make disciples of all nations. Therefore, we will ensure the Gospel is clearly taught and we will equip each believer to share the Gospel. We will also actively dedicate our time, talents and treasures to extend the work of the Gospel. (Matt. 28:18-20)


Christ, as the Head of the church, gives leaders to oversee His church.  These “Under-Shepherds” care for, protect and guide His people. Therefore, the church leadership will lead in a way that stretches our body to grow in a manner worthy of our calling and equips men for biblical leadership in the church. We as the body will pray for, submit to, and encourage the leadership in their service. (Eph. 4:12; 2 Tim. 2:2)

Our Team

Frequently Asked

Children & Youth

Our Beliefs

While rooted first and foremost in Scripture, we believe the central truths of the Bible have been faithfully summarized in the Statement of Faith found in the Faith and Order of the Bible Fellowship Church.

Access a complete copy of the Bible Fellowship Church Faith & Order here.

About the Bible

We believe the Bible is the inspired, infallible Word of God; the supreme and final authority of what to believe and how to live.

About God

We believe God exists eternally in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three are one God. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He became man, lived a sinless life, died on a cross to save sinners, rose again and ascended into heaven where he is seated at the right hand of the Father. One day He will return in power and glory to complete the establishment of His kingdom on earth.

About Humanity

We believe God loves all people and made the human race in His image to enjoy perfect fellowship with Him. Because of mankind’s sin, the relationship with God has been severed. All people have been corrupted by sin and are unable to enjoy a right relationship with God, apart from God’s grace.

About Salvation


We believe God’s grace is displayed in Jesus Christ, who shed his blood on the cross as the payment for mankind’s sin. There is no way, however sincere, to be saved other than through Jesus Christ. Those who repent and place their faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection are reconciled to God and imparted with new life.


About the Christian Life

We believe the Holy Spirit dwells within each Christian empowering them for lives of obedient service. As the Word of God is believed and obeyed, the Holy Spirit is working in the life of the Christian making them more like Christ.

About the Church

We believe the Church is composed of all those who, through faith, have received Jesus Christ. The purpose of the church is to worship God, edify believers and proclaim the gospel—God’s message of salvation—to the world.

Access a complete copy of the Bible Fellowship Church Faith & Order here.

We feel privileged to be used of God to touch lives, and look to the years ahead committing ourselves to the Lord to do whatever, wherever, and whenever He leads.

– Pastor Andrew Crossgrove

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Leading in teams is a well-defined pattern in Scripture and we should seek today to pattern our ministries and leadership off the team model.

Andrew Crossgrove

Andrew Crossgrove

Sr. Pastor

I was brought up in the church and trusted Christ as my Lord and Savior early in life. In 1988, an itinerant speaker came to my church and challenged the congregation to commit everything to God.  That Sunday evening I committed myself to being completely obedient to God by doing whatever God called me to do, wherever God wanted me to go, whenever God spoke.  After graduating from High School, I pursued further Biblical training. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from The King’s College in 1993, and began studying at Biblical Theological Seminary that Autumn. It was in 1993 that I was hired as the part-time Youth Director at Faith Bible Fellowship Church. In June of 1994, I married Alicia, who has been a great support and partner in ministry. In 1997, I received my Masters of Divinity from Biblical Theological Seminary, and was hired to be the full-time Pastor of Youth Ministries at Faith. In 2003, there was a lot of transition in our church, and in my ministry responsibilities. I had the privilege to preach on a regular basis, to build relationships, and to be the pastor for people of all ages in our congregation. In 2006, Faith Bible Fellowship Church called me to serve as the Sr. Team Pastor.  God has blessed my wife and me with four wonderful children, Ariana and Alexa, Ashton and Alia.  In 2013, I completed my Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling from Master’s International University of Divinity, and have seen the Lord use this training in ministry as people seek to grow in Christ and need help along the journey.  We feel privileged to be used of God to touch lives, and look to the years ahead committing ourselves to the Lord to do whatever, wherever, and whenever He leads.

Mike Walker

Mike Walker

Pastor of Discipleship

I grew up in a small town in Potter County, PA where my mom took my brother and I to a nearby church. I am grateful for the influence of my mom, a pastor and a Sunday school teacher that challenged me about the Lord and my need for a relationship with Him. As I became a teen my language, how I treated others and my attitude toward……everything was far less than glorifying. When I was about 16 years old God was convicting me of my sin and put a longing in my heart that was not being met in the things of this world. I trusted in Christ for salvation and He began to change my life. While at Creation ’94 I knew the Lord was calling me into youth ministry. Though I struggled with this calling for a time, God renewed my passion for ministry as I served at a summer camp. I graduated from Geneva College in ‘99 with a Bachelors degree in Christian Ministries and later that year married my wife, JoAnna. Since then I’ve served as the Director of a teen center, Youth Leader and Counselor at an alternative school’s day treatment program. The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful daughters, Emma and Michala. God continually shows Himself faithful to us as we seek to grow in the Lord and serve Him with our lives all for His glory

AJ Miller

AJ Miller

Director of Student Ministries

I grew up in Ephrata, PA and at the young age of 8, felt God’s call and conviction of sin on my heart and turned my life over to Him. During my high school years, my family moved to Maryland. There I began to drift from God and during my college years, backslide from God greatly. In Aug. 2011 I married Stephanie. She has been and continues to be a wonderful, loving and supportive wife. I praise God every day for giving me Stephanie.

By the grace of God, on September 20, 2013, God reoriented my life back to Him. Over the next 6 months, God began to work mightily and I kept having the thought, “You will be a pastor”. I knew God was tugging at my heart but I kept resisting, but once I entertained the thought of being a pastor, I started a young adult ministry. God blessed that ministry and I oversaw that ministry for almost 4 years. During that same time, I graduated from Lancaster Bible College with my Bachelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies. After graduating, I took a pastor position at a church in Harrisburg, PA and was ordained to the gospel ministry in Oct. 2017. After 9 months in Harrisburg, God made it clear that I needed to move on from that church and so in January 2019, I started attending Westminster Theological Seminary and working on my Masters of Divinity degree, with the anticipated graduation date of Dec. 2022.

Last year in 2020, Stephanie and I welcomed our first child, Zachariah. After moving to Harleysville for seminary, the Lord led us to Faith BFC, where I now serve as the youth pastor. God has gifted me and given me a passion for preaching and teaching. God has made 2 Timothy 4:1-5 be a life passage for me. I feel called 1) to preach and teach the Word the way that God intended His Word to be preached; 2) to fear God and not man; 3) to fulfill my ministry that God has called me to; 4) and to preach and teach that reproves, rebukes, and exhorts with complete patience. Stephanie and I look forward to what God has in store for us and for wherever God plants me for future ministry serving the local church as a pastor.

Soli Deo Gloria

Nate Orlowski

Nate Orlowski

Worship Ministry Director

I came to faith in Christ at an early age through the faithfulness and encouragement of my Mom. Our family was one of those families that treated the church as a second home. Whether meetings, worship services, prayer meetings, Bible studies or choir practices, our family was there. Because of the regular involvement and participation in church and Christian ministries my faith became grounded in the familial life of the church and its ministries. Through many mentors and teachers over the years, I have been challenged to be a man of God’s Word studying and meditating on it. Growing up at Faith, I have been involved in many of it’s ministries; participating in Missions, Youth, Prayer, Growth Groups, Men’s Bible Study and Worship. I’ve been a teacher and business owner since graduating from Eastern University with a Bachelors in English Literature in 2006. My wife Abbey and I grew up in Faith BFC involved in ministries and serving together and were married in 2009. We are blessed with four beautiful and crazy kiddos: Selah, Cece, Eliza, Alistair and Baby #5 who keep us on our toes and remind us daily of our need of God’s grace. In 2019, I joined the staff at Faith as the Worship Director (after serving in the ministry for 20 years prior). My desire is to see God glorified in my family and the church as we commit ourselves to His Word and reliance on His Spirit motivating us to do good works all to the praise of His Glory.

 Elders & Deacons


RJ James, Rick Lutz, Tom Koch, Nate Orlowski, Pastor Andy Crossgrove, Pastor Mike Walker


Jarrod Buso, Glen LeSuer, Harold Crider, Kerry Lewis, Glen Gangewer, BK Roberts


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

People of all ages and backgrounds, families, singles, and students attend Faith. The Pastors and others up front dress conservatively, but you’ll see all kinds of attire in the congregation (from jeans to business suits).

Our greeters will welcome you at the front door and give you a bulletin.  They also have a welcome packet for first-time visitors that contains a little more information about Faith BFC.  The greeters and volunteers at the Welcome Center are available to answer questions or give directions.

Our worship services last approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. You’ll worship with a blend of music varying from hymns to contemporary music, prayer, scripture reading, offering, and sermon. A sermon guide is normally available for note-taking. Recordings of the sermons are available through our website.

During the service, one of our ushers will be taking a picture of the congregation for attendance purposes.  If you need a copy of the Bible, feel free to take a Bibles from our resource center in the center lobby before you leave.

There are Sunday School programs for children, youth, college students and adults.

What should I wear?

Most people dress according to their own comfort levels, but it is entirely a personal decision. On Sunday mornings, you will find men and women in suits and dresses as well as in slacks and jeans. Because of children’s activities, summer and Wednesday evening clothing tends to be a bit more casual. Although we are committed to opening our hearts and lives to anyone in need, we would suggest clean, modest attire.

What about my children?

In order for you to fully benefit from our Worship Services, we have created safe and exciting environments for your children. You have the option to let your children stay in the service with you, or participate in our Children’s Ministry environments (up to 3rd grade).

  • Nursery Care (0-2 year-olds) available during Sunday School (9:15am) and the Worship Service (10:30am) in room 112.
  • Pre-Kindergarten (3-4 year-olds) available during Sunday School (9:15am) and the Worship Service (10:30am) in room 111
  • Young Worshippers in Training (Children’s Church) – (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) offered during the Worship Service. Children are dismissed from the sanctuary before the sermon. (Room 118)
What is the Sunday Morning Schedule?

Prayer Time (9:00am) in Fellowship Center

Sunday School (9:15 – 10:15 am)

Nursery (0-2year olds) – Room 112

Pre-Kindergarten (3-4 year-olds) – Room 111

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade – Room 115

Grades 3-5 – Room 114

Youth, grades 6-12 – Upper Room

Adults – Fellowship Center

Worship Services (10:30-11:45am) in Ministry Center

Do you take an offering?

Offering boxes are available at the entrances to the worship area. As our guest, you aren’t expected to make a donation. However, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the information card and place it in the offering box.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know should need any help this week with anything, please do not hesitate to contact the church office at 215-256-6026 or via the online contact form.

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