Solomon opens this book explaining that he is searching for the meaning of this life, and as he weighs all that he has done and seen under the sun, all is vanity.  Another translation says that all is meaningless.  From the moment that we begin to take our first breaths of this life, we are testing everything.  We seek to discover what will make us feel wanted and alive and have true meaning.  This book of Ecclesiastes is such a blessing for those who would heed the words of Solomon.  Solomon was given incredible wisdom from God, he was one of the wealthiest men alive, and no pleasure of this life was kept from him.  Power, Money, Prestige, Pleasure…with all of this at his fingertips, he says “All is Vanity!”  This sermon series will take us on Solomon’s journey to the conclusion in Eccl. 12:13 regarding our true and only purpose in life!

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