The book of Job is a rich yet difficult book. In this book we see the characteristics of God extrapolated and displayed in many unique and wonderful ways. He is Sovereign. He is Holy. He is Righteous. He is Almighty. He is Merciful. He is Loving. The main conflict brings God’s characteristics to the test from a human perspective. When we suffer, is God really just? Is he really loving? Does he show mercy or does he just wield punishment? We wrestle and rest in the fact that indeed He is God. Ruler of all. Full of Grace and Truth. We can question and plead over all these things our human minds do not comprehend. We may never fully comprehend the actions and ordinations of the holy God. But we can rest that He is indeed in control; and, He is indeed good. We approach a holy sovereign ruler submitting as Job commits to in the end, “I know you can do all things, and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted” (Job 42:2).

Below is a playlist of songs that carry some of the themes and struggles we find in Job: some of which we will sing together in our times of worship, some familiar, some maybe not. I pray they will be a blessing to you as we study and pray through the book of Job together.

*disclaimer: I do not know (nor do I have time) to look into the specific beliefs, doctrinal proclivities and church affiliations of all these artists. They all have songs that promote the Gospel and solid Biblical truths (some stronger than others). Either way, use your own discretion if you feel so convicted.*

*second disclaimer: the majority of this music you will not hear on mainstream Christian radio as I am not inclined to listen to too much of what is presented as popular Christian Music (that’s just not my interest-and a discussion for another time). However, it is all good music 🙂*



-Nate Orlowski (Worship Director Faith Bible Fellowship Church Harleysville)


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