A major theme of the book of Job seems to be that the blameless and upright do suffer.  Suffering brings about very difficult emotions, and wrestling with the Lord.  Job cries out to the Lord asking why he is going through suffering, yet we see that true wisdom that brings consolation is found not in the ‘why’ question but more in the fearing of God who has the answer.  This sermon series will seek to cover some of the main themes of Job’s suffering, as an encouragement to believers as they face various trials in this life.


Series: “Trust in the Lord” (Job)
June 27 – Job 1:1-2:10, “Righteous people do suffer”
July 4 – Job 1:1-2:10, “Satan’s Activity and the Sovereignty of God”
July 11 – Job 3, “Job Laments his Birth”
July 18 – Job 4-5 “God Disciplines the Guilty”
July 25 Job 9-10, “God is All-Powerful, But Does He Care?”
Aug. 1 – Job 13, “Job’s Faith – Still I will hope in God”
Aug. 8 – Job 19, “Feeling Abandoned, and Alone”
Aug. 15 – Job 23, “Job’s Plea – Where is God?”
Aug. 22 – Job 25-26, “Only God is Righteous”
Aug. 29 – Job 28, “Where can Wisdom be Found?”
Sept. 5 – Job 33, “Restored through the Discipline of Suffering”
Sept. 12 – Job 38-41, “God Speaks”
Sept. 19 – Job 42, “Repentance and Restoration”